Cuisine Cultural Center

  • project: Cuisine Cultural Center
  • status: Concept Design
  • location: Redbank, NJ
  • size: 9,000 sf

The Cuisine Cultural Center is a food and wellness education center promoting locally grown food, healthy lifestyle and a space for visiting chefs, lectures, restaurant, bar / lounge and retail. Positioning itself in the gap between practice, production and education, the mission of the Center is to promote knowledge exchange and sharing of the food arts through onsite research and training, publications, lectures and webcasts.

Designed around a teaching kitchen core, the Center provides a space for the community to gather as well as creating and promoting a culture of sustainable living. This flexible core space can take on various modes – dinner theater, private workshop, teaching, open kitchen – all of which lend the Center the feel of a performance, housing different actors and varying acts from night to night.

Restaurant, bar and café spaces are designed with varying spatial conditions, some are grand and some intimate. All of these spaces have the flexibility to shift between private dining or opened to the outside with sidewalk seating among urban kitchen gardens.